Case study: how Primer Grupo saved €45,000 with Bigle Legal

Posted by Sergio Esteve De Miguel on Jan 14, 2020 9:58:48 AM
Sergio Esteve De Miguel
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Read about how Primer Grupo, one of the leading real estate providers in the region, achieved extraordinary results using the Bigle Legal document automation software.

Document automation in real estate


It is inevitable that as the company grows bigger, and especially if you are franchising, the volume of documents and contracts needed would grow even more. Primer Grupo wanted to ultimately automate this process and standardise it, saving themselves countless hours and a vast sum of money that is normally invested in the process, making it easier and quicker for them and their franchisees.

“The idea was straightforward: we wanted to help franchisees create contracts in two or three simple steps. However, we also needed to take all the legal variables and clauses each document had into account,” - Marisol Ruix, Expansion manager at Primer Grupo

Primer Grupo is a network of real estate agencies that was founded in 1988. The company has grown to 14 franchises in the Valencia region and today it offers a wide range of high quality professional services, including:

- Purchase and sale of the property.

- Legal advice and assessment.

- Property management.

- Property valuation.

- Real estate marketing strategy.


The challenge that Primer Grupo wanted to tackle:

Primer Grupo wanted to make it easier and quicker for their franchisees to:

  1. Collaborate.
  2. Share and access information.
  3. Draft error-free legal documents in less time.
  4. Easily update contracts when there are changes to the law.


Primer Grupo realised that there was a clear need to streamline and standardise the process of drafting contracts and documentation related to buying, renting and selling properties.

And as their objective has always been to offer the best service it can to its franchisees and their clients.

Bigle Legal was there to help with that.

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How Primer Grupo solved the problem

Bigle Legal’s document automation platform was the ideal solution for Primer Grupo. Today, the team uses Bigle Legal’s platform for a broad range of tasks, like:

- Create automatically all the legal documents they need.

- Easily update documents when the law changes.

- Collaborate online and offline.

- Analyse and track progress.


“It makes it much easier, each document has the correct client reference number or property number and all the right data loaded automatically,” - Lidia Calvo, Director of Primer Grupo Inmokass

Read the entire case study of Primer Grupo.

What were the results?

Primer Grupo produces around 50 - 60 legal documents each month using the Bigle Legal platform, saving an estimated 1320 work hours (33 working weeks!) and €45,360 a year.

Bigle Legal have shifted the process from 120 minutes for each contract to simply 10 minutes of work, broken down in the table below:


“We have more security and peace of mind. Our legal department can adapt our document templates whenever there is a last-minute regulatory change - and this updates all affected documents across our entire network of agencies”.- Javi Martínez, Director of Primer Grupo Gran Vía.


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Posted by Sergio Esteve De Miguel on Jan 14, 2020 9:58:48 AM
Sergio Esteve De Miguel

Sergio is the CMD and the co-founder of Bigle Legal, an innovative legaltech startup from Barcelona. Together with his brother, he wanted to combine their expertise in business and technology to transform the legal industry. Sergio believes that technology can change the way legal professionals approach their jobs and make their work life much more enjoyable and productive.

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