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Turn contract management software into your best ally

Document management is the way in which companies or organisations classify, secure, approve and complete elements related to the management of the company or organisation. Legal and HR teams in companies manage a large number of documents every hour, every day and almost every minute. Document management is time-consuming and, in the face of high workflows, leads teams to perform less efficiently and make mistakes.

A contract management software or an appropriate document automation allows you to transform your document templates into a simple questionnaire. From the answers in it, the software generates your custom document according to your needs and without errors. Thanks to this kind of technology, you will be able to implement an agile, intuitive and precise workflow to improve your company's document management, whatever sector you work in.

Lawyers holding a document in a meeting. Bigle legal article on contract managementWorkers in different departments will forget about writing complex contracts by hand for hours, about copying and pasting clauses continuously and explaining contracts to the different parties, about communication failures due to poor collaboration between colleagues and even about errors in contract management. Not only that, but collaboration between them will improve, as they will be able to share, sign, modify and work on documents in the cloud, covering the entire process.


Reduce your company's legal criticality

Any error in the drafting of a contract or the accidental omission of one of its clauses can cause a major conflict for the company. It should be noted that the document management offered by our all-in-one software will allow you to establish absolute control over the documents, in order to pool the company's knowledge and, above all, to minimise their legal criticality to zero.

The same goes for the dispersion of documents: if you don't have full control over them and each employee stores them separately, they can get lost or fall into the wrong hands. The traditional way of working and storing documents means that this type of risk weighs heavily on companies. Thanks to the statistical exploitation panel of our platform, you will be informed accurately and in real time of the status of your documents. In the same way, a document automation solution will help your company to condense all the knowledge provided by the documents of your legal or human resources departments and prevent it from being dispersed or disappearing.

Take advantage of Contract Lifecycle Management technology

You will no longer have to worry about making mistakes because, thanks to appropriate contract management software, the contracts generated in your company will be up to date in terms of regulation and without any spelling mistakes.

Don't hesitate and join the change with the leading solution in Southern Europe: thanks to Bigle Legal you will reconcile with your company's document management to transform it into a very valuable asset.