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Document automation for your digital transformation

Technology is undoubtedly revolutionizing and transforming different sectors and industries, And of course, one of the sectors that do not escape this transformation is the legal sector.

It has become absolutely necessary that all legal professionals are prepared to face these new digital transformation technologies while being able to take full advantage of the benefits of these digital tools.

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Technology in the legal sector (Legal tech)

Legal tech arises with the purpose of making the lives of both legal professionals and their clients much easier. It is necessary that, for the success of this technology, professionals learn to include these new advances in their professional practice and adapt to how it should be used for a successful digital transformation.

There are countless tools that have emerged today thanks to Legal tech: applications aimed at clients to streamline the intermediation process with the lawyer, software that automates routine activities, and all this makes life easier for legal professionals. As well as powerful technologies are being used like Blockchain, and artificial intelligence, which are essential for the advancements of the tools created.

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Document automation

Document automation is a technology that is transforming the way documents are managed within a company, such as routine document tasks, generation of documents, and updating the knowledge and copy within. All this is now done through a centralized and automated structure and a single integratable platform. 

Tasks like approvals, assignments, requests, signatures, and claims that had previously been handled on paper can now be done digitally and through a more organized work process. 

Regardless of the sector, document control is one of the most frequent applications in today's companies. Since many business environments are quite busy, the amount of information flow requires an efficient method to manage all this data.

Managing documents manually can be quite a difficult and cumbersome process, which can easily lead to human error. That is why the automated document control system is that high-quality management systems will allow having everything organized within the company and managed from a single platform or application.

But what benefits does it bring to companies?

Automation and document management brings great significant benefits in many aspects, it is for this reason that it has taken great importance in the market.

Among the benefits that this technology can generate are:

  1. Efficiency: Not only do many more tasks are completed in much less time. But they are also optimized in the correct formats.
  2. Speed: One aspect of document automation that stands out is the speed with which documents can be prepared and distributed.
  3. Quality: document automation allows a meticulous review of all documents in an automated way, this guarantees that said documentation is generated quickly and without any type of errors.
  4. Increasing employee satisfaction: With the automation of documents, the time invested in the preparation of documents by employees is considerably reduced. This provides the opportunity for these professionals to focus on all those aspects of the job which require greater attention.
  5. Knowledge management: Knowing that the legal department manages the documents, allowing anyone, even professionals who have no legal background to be able to also produce well revised and formatted documents and contracts with a click of a button.

Document Automation in the legal industry

As mentioned above, with the advancement and innovation in technologies, more and more companies in the legal sector are turning towards these technologies to increase their efficiency and productivity when drafting legal documents.

All the success lies in the fact that all the tools that these technologies have provided, notably help to reduce all the hours of work which cannot be recovered easily and expensive to handle, while at the same time increases the productivity of each work hour invested.

When we talk about the automation of legal documents, we talk about all those systems and workflows which help the successful digital transformation of the legal sector.

All these mechanisms are designed with the aim of minimizing the repetitive procedures that the drafting of legal documents implies, these mechanisms are based on self-configurable template systems where the user provides information to the software to create the document according to their needs.

Why are law firms or legal departments in companies interested in integrating this tool?

The legal field is a perfect setting for new technologies since a good part of the tasks related to this sector are usually repetitive and routine focused and that makes them perfectly automatable.

This trend is intended to be exploited by all those traditional law firms, using "Legaltech" as providers of these services.

Law firms are aware of the importance of new technologies to increase their efficiency, which is why they need to include them within their business structure.

Is it necessary to have these tools if you plan to enter this market?

The legal tech phenomenon is no longer a novelty, that is why we can see how this subject has already begun to be taught in business schools and law schools through subjects and specialization courses.

Legal tech has an interdisciplinary profile that requires its professionals, in addition to a legal profile, a technological profile, which is necessary to know all these tools in depth.

Bigle Legal: Document Automation Software

Bigle Legal is a software that offers companies the opportunity to automate the process of managing all their documents, thus minimizing the typical human errors, time and saving much more money.

Generally, all those companies which acquire this type of software obtain the possibility of creating all types of contracts in an automated way, either in the legal sector, in the real estate sector, and other sectors that use documents frequently.

Through this tool, users personalize their contracts in a few clicks. Later they are downloaded in pdf or word and are sent automatically via email. Likewise, thanks to its digitized signatures, the company's sales cycle process is faster, as time is saved in printing, scanning, and filing.

In other words, Bigle Legal's software allows you to increase productivity exceptionally well when it comes to managing documents. Designing contracts is 20 times faster than the traditional way. 

And since these contracts are in the cloud, users can save considerably on paper, helping you save space and paper.


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