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6 steps to prepare for COVID-19 forced remote work

We are all aware of the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus, and our sympathy goes to all those who got affected.
With the rapid escalation of this situation, we find ourselves in need of equally rapid action to get us to be prepared.

The virus is affecting many places, and we can see many countries are already taking precautions and encouraging staying home.

Schools have been closed down in Italy, Spain, China and many other places. Businesses are sending their employees home to remote work. Major events are being rescheduled.

After all, it is always wiser to prevent than to cure.

But, many are asking themselves: how can I ensure that I keep my activity going remotely?

Even though some authorities have recommended staying safe at home, we still know that wheel needs to keep moving. And thanks to technology this temporary situation doesn’t necessarily need to disrupt your office activities. And because we are together in this, we are here to show you how you can prepare your remote office at home.

In this article, we are going to cover 6 steps in the form of questions that you need to ask yourself in preparation for the unfortunate situation where we are in a forced confinement.

  1. How can I access my work files?
  2. How can I contact my colleagues?
  3. How can I conduct important meetings?
  4. How can I manage documents online?
  5. How can I get my documents signed remotely?
  6. How can I organize tasks with my team?

Let us go through them one by one.

Smiling man in checked shirt works from home

1. Accessing work files.

The files on your work computer can be sensitive to move around, however, if you use a laptop at the office, then it is absolutely advisable to take it home with you. In fact, we here at Bigle Legal all our employees have a laptop so that they can carry their tasks from home.

If you use a desktop computer, then file sharing is your solution. Google Drive offers safe and secure storage and file-sharing options. And you can always go old school and back up your files on a portable hard drive so that you can access them later from another device.

2. Contacting your colleagues

Apart from the traditional phone, Chat software and tools are widely available out there. You can create a Slack workspace and add all your team on it to stay connected. In fact, you can even add the entire organization and create groups for them depending on projects on departments.

We use slack to communicate almost every day, and we highly recommend it

3. Conducting your meetings

Meetings are an essential part of business, whether it is for buying and selling purposes, or affiliations and partnership, or simply networking. All of these meetings can be easily done online through video call software. They are widely available and free to use, something like Google Hangouts or Skype from Microsoft. They can even be already built-in your device, like Facetime if you’re using a Macintosh.

4. Managing your documents

If you are still using word processors to create and draft documents, then maybe it is time for you to learn about document automation.

Bigle Legal can give you the power to create documents in a matter of a few minutes. Full-on documents that are error-free and ready to use, and in a matter of clics have them reviewed or validated by your superior.

5. Getting documents signed

Printing documents to have them signed in person is not an option with the coronavirus crisis.

Instead of postponing the signature for another moment, you can easily use digital signatures. At Bigle Legal, we provide digital signatures that lets you do all the process online and is legally accepted in the EU, USA and mostly everywhere. Request a demo of Bigle Legal here and see how the digital signature can help you keep up your business deals.

6. Organize with your team

Productivity tools are already out there, we use a couple of them here at Bigle Legal.

Something like Notion or Asana can help you design your projects and delegate tasks. You can keep your team updated about the progress of your work and be able to see how everyone else is doing.

Many other questions must be going through your head, and perhaps, your type of business is peculiar and the way things are done in your business, it can be complicated to have employees work remotely.

But this doesn’t erase the fact that the crisis is still happening, and we must prevent it from spreading more by staying away from it.

Let us avoid the spread of the virus and let us start taking our precautions from now. Everything is already there and available for us to stay home but keep functioning in our daily jobs remotely.

Your business doesn’t need to halt when things get messy, and your work can still be on time even though you are not physically at your cubicle.

And again, all our prayers goes for those affected by the virus and our support to the scientific community that is working to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and hopefully eliminate it altogether.