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19 legal entities launch a Global Legaltech Hub to boost the digital transformation within the legal sector

The innovation in technology has definitely changed the way tasks are performed within many different industries. Technologies like artificial intelligence, document automation or blockchain, have heavily disrupted how daily regular tasks are performed within companies and organizations.


The legal industry has also witnessed major changes, in fact, the entire way of delivering legal services has changed and is now mostly based on technology, even the route to studying law science is being transformed to adapt to the technology changes.

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Here is the kicker:

The more tasks being performed by the machine, the more creative you can get, even in the way of how to using those systems and making them work to your advantage. And the better they are used, the more value they will add to your work.

And this is where Global Legaltech Hub comes in,

19 esteemed entities analyzed the situation and decided to launch the GLTH to synergize with other legal service providers and legal tech professionals from around the world.

GLTH presentation

Bigle Legal along with Banc Sabadell, Red Points, Universitat de Barcelona, Cuatrecasas, Roca Junyent, Deloitte Legal, PimecJoves, Across Legal, ETL Holding Espana, Jane Advocats, Cirial 180, vLex Espana, Alterwork, Validated ID, Metricson, Councilbox technology, Pridatect, and Signaturit, founded this touchpoint to gather around legal tech professionals and enthusiasts to share insights about the advancements and the innovation in the sector. The idea is done in order to enhance and improve the objectives and the services offered, while also to spread the knowledge on how to make the best out of using legal technologies.

In other words, it will thrive to become the main assembly point of all the Legal tech players in this digital transformation era.

The Global Legaltech Hub is going to organize at least 1 major conference every year, to host law professionals and related tech companies, and universities and public entities to synergize.

The association will also be hosting other unique events throughout the year to cover specific topics related to Legal tech. The focus on networking and connecting will be crucial, as with bringing professionals who can collaborate and contribute to the overall sector of Legal technology, infinite innovative ideas can be shared.

While at the same time:

Bigle Legal, the modern startup that is all about advancements and innovation, plays an important role in the Global Legaltech Hub. As a founding partner of the association and a member of the board, Bigle Legal aims to give support to other tech startups and companies by sharing their deep knowledge and expertise in legal technology.

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Sergio Esteve de Miguel Anglada, Co-founder & CMD of Bigle Legal, has been appointed to be the member of the board representing Bigle Legal, with his knowledge and experience in the sector. Sergio will be contributing positively to the growth of the GLTH and the Legal sector as a whole, and at the same time be part of the organizational work of the association.

And here comes the best part:

Luckily the registration is open, you are welcome to join us in this journey and meet senior industry professionals, collaborate with them and learn from their experience while contributing towards the sector and bring out your own ideas.

Come and join and be part of this great initiative. Click here to apply!