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Update announcement: Built-in word processor in Bigle Legal platform

We are happy to finally announce that our Bigle Legal software now comes with a built-in word processor. In this article, we are going to explain to you what that actually means to the end-user and how it can ultimately benefit everyone who works with documents.

Let us find out what a built-in word processor inside your document automation software and how it can help you and your business.

But first...

What is a word processor?

You might be wondering, what exactly is a word processor... A word processor is a piece of software that enables the user to create rich text files with different formats, fonts, etc.

Suited lawyer selects a digital document, Bigle Legal article on its integrated Word processor

They have been around for more than 40 years and although there have been a plethora of different companies that have tried to create the best word processor, none have been more popular than Microsoft Word. With its launch in the early ‘80s, it rapidly rose as the most used word processor of the last century and established dominance over the technology.

With the advent of the cloud, new competitors arose that challenged Microsoft hegemony and broke it down. For the last 15 years, many online word processors have appeared, the most important ones being Google Word and Microsoft Office Online. This has eased some of the pains related to offline word processors.

Document automation and word processors

Since Microsoft Word launched macros in the late 1980s, document automation and word processors have been linked together, making word processor programs like Microsoft Word indispensable. This has been a huge problem for all document automation software, especially document automation in law firms, as it increased the entry price of their own product.

“Up until now, most document automation software products rely on Microsoft Word or other external word processors to automate. Some other software provides add-ons and plugins to install and setup inside your own downloaded word processor, this might sound convenient, but what if I want to use another computer? I have to go through installing those add-ons again… ugh!” “I don’t want our Bigle users to go through that struggle every time”
- Daniel Tomas Bartomeus - CTO of Bigle Legal

Many attempts have been made to get rid of this need, the most successful of all being the conversion from MS Word file formats into HTML. However, this solution gave birth to a new problem, how could other people use these converted documents when they are using MS Word?

Modern document automation with Bigle Legal

“Here at Bigle Legal, we dedicate ourselves to offer top-notch customer-centric services, and we listen attentively when the users ask or suggest a way to improve our product. After evaluating different use cases, we located the pain point of having to rely on external software to automate documents and ultimately solved that problem ourselves.”
- Sergio Esteve de Miguel - CMD of Bigle Legal

Document automation is done now exclusively and entirely from within the Bigle Legal platform. All you have to do is upload that template you want and then edit and automate it from inside the Bigle software. You can of course add tags, edit text, change the format, or whatever else you want to do for the document, again, from within the Bigle Legal platform.

And last but not least, one of the best factors here is that you can download and share these documents like MS Word documents without losing format or having to reconvert the file type.

The overall benefits of having a built-in word processor

  1. Saves time going back and forth between applications.
  2. No need to run or pay for other applications.
  3. No need to re-upload another template every time you make a change.
  4. No need to install add-ons as most competitors do.
  5. Increased accuracy and efficiency since it is all in one place.
  6. Templates accessible online, from any computer.
  7. Template edition and field definition side by side on a single screen.
  8. The process now requires minimal effort.

Bigle Legal’s built-in word processor opens up a world of possibilities

With a full-featured word processor built into your document automation platform, you won't need to depend on any other software when it comes to your documents because with Bigle Legal you can now:

  • Create your automated templates from scratch, from the Bigle Legal platform itself.
  • Modify your existing templates by uploading them to the Bigle Legal platform and only editing them from there.
  • Create documents and work on them as you would in any other online text editor, for example, you can:
    • Modify the format.
    • Write comments.
    • Add an index.
    • Include a header and footer.
    • Use track changes.
    • And more.
  • Upload any document in DOCX format and make the necessary changes.
  • Download these documents and templates in DOCX format to share them with whoever you want.

This major update by Bigle Legal will not only make the lives of the document automation users much easier, but it will also be a true game-changer when it comes to managing documents and working with templates. No more is the time where you would have to use much different software just to make and finalize a document or a contract, you can now do it all from within Bigle Legal software.