Daniel Tomás Bartomeus

Daniel Tomás Bartomeus
Daniel Tomás Bartomeus is CTO of Bigle Legal. He is an experienced IT leader, results-oriented and customer-driven, with broad experience in IT international companies leaders of their respective industries. Daniel is passionate about digital transformation, industrial revolution and AI.
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What is Robotic Process Automation? And how does it work?

Posted by Daniel Tomás Bartomeus on Aug 11, 2020 9:32:26 AM


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Topics: Legal industry trends, Legal technology, Robotic process automation

On-premises bites the dust

Posted by Daniel Tomás Bartomeus on Mar 25, 2020 10:02:32 AM

It's funny how things change. Last January I was in Vienna for the Legal Tech Hub talking with the CEO of another startup on how they managed to bring their cloud based solution down to an On-premises installation. I was very interested because we were getting all these requests to do the same with our product.

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Topics: Legaltech, LegalTechHub, cloud-based, on-premises