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Inveravante, a Spanish company that innovates in its legal operations

Inveravante is a Spanish business group focused on four lines of business: real estate, hotels/leisure, renewable energies and wineries. It stands out for its sustainability and taste for innovation, which it relies on to improve its ways of working in its multiple businesses.

We interviewed Adrián Leiro Fernández, Senior Applications Engineer at the corporation, who will tell us how the company innovates in its different lines of business through its legal area.

Adrián Leiro, from Inveravante, in his interview for Bigle Legal.

Briefly, can you describe your company's activity?

We are a corporation with four main areas of activity. On the one hand, AVANTESPACIA has a portfolio of first and second-home real estate developments in the main Spanish cities, as well as real estate assets in countries such as Morocco, Mexico and Brazil. On the other hand, with Attica21 we operate and manage hotels and apart-hotels in Spain, with establishments that offer a wide range of services, focused on providing the best customer service and experience.

Terraselecta is the parent company of a group of wineries present in the main designations of origin in Spain, through which we develop our activity in the wine sector. Finally, Inveravante operates in the field of renewable energies (hydro and photovoltaic) through Genera Avante and its subsidiaries in Panama.

Why was it important to digitise or innovate in your legal area and how has it helped you?

The main motivation we had when looking for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) was to drive the adoption of digital signatures as a new standard, to digitise the various signature processes, and to integrate systems to ensure the automation of processes related to the corporation's legal documentation.

In the case of CLM software, we use this technology to streamline and speed up the tasks related to legal documents in the following areas: in a university residence, a real estate company, a construction company and internal HR matters.

Why did you decide to choose Bigle Legal, and how did you get to know us?

In our corporation, we like to work with Spanish companies with innovative ideas and we consider you an innovative company in the legal tech sector. As for how we found Bigle Legal, we did it by researching on web search engines.

How do you use our CLM solution, which tasks and features or functionalities are most valuable to your team?

Almost 100% of the use we make of the Bigle Legal tool is for the automatic generation of purchase and sale documents from our SAP, through an integration with the Bigle Legal API. Regarding the most valuable features, our team highly values the tool's ease of use, stability and ability to adjust to our needs.

What have been the results so far using Bigle Legal's CLM?

So far we can say that they have been very satisfactory. Your CLM adapts to the different business areas of the corporation. This, together with its ease of use and customisation, makes it a very versatile tool for us.

How have your processes changed since you implemented Bigle Legal?

We have been able to absorb an increase in activity in the real estate sector that would not have been possible without automation. Moreover, at a difficult time such as the emergence of COVID-19, thanks to the digital signature, we were able to get through the pandemic years with almost no commercial impact. 

If you had to highlight one feature of Bigle Legal, what would it be?

If I had to highlight just one feature, it would be effectiveness.