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Pau Martí
Pau Martí is the head of the legal department at Oryon Universal, an entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem. He specializes in startups and the digital transformation of the legal profession. Technology is the catalyst to drive new business models.
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What is "contract risk management" and why should you take it into account?

Posted by Pau Martí on Jan 27, 2021 8:45:00 AM

Signing contracts to regulate the relationships that arise with suppliers and / or customers is something daily in many companies. 

These documents that we call "contracts" are nothing more than putting the parties' wishes in writing and are mostly fulfilled, but some of them may be breached, or at least part of the terms and conditions established by them. 

When that happens, the "contractual risk" that we will define below materializes and involves going to court to compensate the damages that have been caused.

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Topics: Contract management, Legal risk management, Document management